Features (Laravel Forum 6.x)


Below is a non-exhaustive list of Laravel Forum’s features.

  • Threads with support for moving, locking, pinning, and deletion
  • Categories
    • Weighted and nestable to any level
    • Optional “private” mode per category using Laravel Authorization
    • Enable/disable threads per category
  • Events for all types of forum interaction (see events)
  • Posts with support for editing and direct replying (automatically embeds a quote to the post)
  • Bulk modification or deletion of threads and posts
  • Optional soft-deletion support for threads and posts
  • UI preset system
    • Allows third-party UI presets to be contributed easily via packages
    • Three presets available out of the box
  • Seamless integration with Laravel authentication via configurable middleware and user model
  • Permission handling via Laravel Authorization
  • Multilingual (see translations for a current list)
  • JSON REST API exposing all of the functionality available via the front-end routes
    • Includes optional basic search endpoint
    • Supports your authentication method of choice via configurable middleware
  • Highly configurable