UI Presets (Laravel Forum 6.x)

UI Presets

Laravel Forum’s UI presets are similar to Laravel’s Starter Kits, but instead of publishing the back-end elements (route definitions, actions, controllers, etc) along with the front-end ones (views, JS, etc), they only publish the latter to your application. The package implements supporting stacks internally and presets can specify which one they require.

Available Stacks

Currently, two stacks are supported: Blade and Livewire.


This stack uses conventional controller-backed routes that return Blade views. It doesn’t require any special dependencies.


This stack, which is built on top of Blade, uses a separate set of routes that are backed by full-page Livewire components. These full-page components are defined by the stack itself, but any presets using it may register additional components to use in views. Views for both the full-page components and any additionally registered ones can be overridden.

Using this stack requires a few dependencies that aren’t installed by default in new Laravel projects. The simplest way to install them is to install Laravel’s Breeze and Livewire Starter Kit.

Refer to the Livewire website for more details about Livewire itself.

Available Presets

Currently, the package ships with three UI presets: livewire-tailwind, blade-tailwind, and blade-bootstrap. By default, it specifies livewire-tailwind as the active preset via the forum.frontend.preset config option.

To list available presets along with summaries of what they are, run php artisan forum:preset-list.

Alternatively, run php artisan forum:preset-install to choose a preset to install. You may also pass the name directly as the first argument - for example:

php artisan forum:preset-install livewire-tailwind

After a preset is installed, it will list the NPM packages it requires along with the npm install command to install them for convenience.

Presets are published to exclusive paths in your application’s resources directory. You can find them under resources/forum. This enables you to publish multiple presets without causing them to overwrite each other, and you can switch between them by changing the forum.frontend.preset config value.

Contributing Presets

If you’d like to contribute a UI preset, or simply write one to encapsulate your own views and components for the forum, you can do so by following the steps below.

Step 1: Implement AbstractPreset

Define a class that extends TeamTeaTime\Forum\Frontend\Presets\AbstractPreset. This specifies several methods that are required for registering and using a preset. At a minimum, the getName, getSummary, and getRequiredStack methods must be implemented, but there are default implementations for other methods that can be overridden if necessary. See AbstractPreset for specifics.

As an example, here’s the implementation for the blade-tailwind preset that ships with the package:


namespace TeamTeaTime\Forum\Frontend\Presets;

use TeamTeaTime\Forum\{

class BladeTailwindPreset extends AbstractPreset
    use RegistersBladeComponents;

    public static function getName(): string
        return 'blade-tailwind';

    public static function getSummary(): string
        return "Blade with Vue and Tailwind CSS.";

    public static function getRequiredStack(): FrontendStack
        return FrontendStack::BLADE;

    public static function getRequiredPackages(): array
        return [

    public function register(): void

Step 2: Register the Preset

In order for the package to pick up your preset and use it, you must register it via the preset registry.

To do this, in the register() method of one of your service providers, resolve the preset registry and use it to register your preset:


namespace App\Providers;

use App\Forum\CustomPreset;
use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
use TeamTeaTime\Forum\Frontend\Presets\PresetRegistry;

class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
    public function register(): void
        $presets = $this->app->make(PresetRegistry::class);
        $presets->register(new CustomPreset);

Whichever service provider you use to do this must come after the forum service provider in bootstrap/providers.php.

At this point, your preset should be listed when you run php artisan forum:preset-list or php artisan forum:preset-install. If it doesn’t, check your logs for errors from the package’s service provider.

Step 3: Activate the Preset

To make the package use your preset, simply set the forum.frontend.preset config value to the preset’s name.