Laravel Forum 4 Documentation

Front-end - Management



Once the package is installed, provided you are logged in, you can visit /forum and start defining your category hierarchy using the “Create category” and “Category actions” panels. A category consists of the following properties:

  • Title: The name of the category, used for both display and URL slugs.
  • Description: A one-line description of the category. Displayed in listings and at the top of the category view.
  • Category: The category’s parent (if applicable).
  • Weight: Determines the position of the category in listings.
  • Enable/disable threads: Determines whether or not new threads can be created in the category.
  • Private: Determines whether or not the category is private; when enabled, the category will only be visible to authenticated users who pass authorisation.

These properties can be set on creation or modified afterwards when viewing the category.


The following actions are available and can be applied to a single thread when viewing it:

  • Move: Move a thread to a different category.
  • Lock/unlock: Lock or unlock a thread, preventing or allowing new posts respectively.
  • Pin/unpin: Pin or unpin a thread. Pinned threads are labelled as such and are displayed at the top of lists.
  • Rename: Change a thread’s title.


The following actions are available and can be applied to a single or multiple posts:

  • Delete: Soft-delete post(s).
  • Restore: Restore soft-deleted post(s).
  • Permanently delete: Hard-delete post(s).

Posts can also be individually edited to modify their contents.