Laravel Forum 4 Documentation

Front-end - Configuration


The front-end uses a single config file (forum.frontend) containing two values:

  • routes: Enables/disables front-end routes.
  • middleware: The middleware to apply to the standard front-end routes.
  • controllers: An array of controller namespaces to use for the front-end routes.
  • utility_class: The namespace of the class to use for the alert(), render(), route() routes() and slugify() methods.


Views are published to resources/views/vendor/forum. The simplest way to integrate the forum with your existing design is to edit the master view, remove undesired markup and make it extend your application’s main layout with @extends. Note that the master view does pull in jQuery and Bootstrap 3 by default, and includes some jQuery-based JavaScript to support some of the forum frontend features. You may wish to move it elsewhere or re-write it in your own way.