Laravel Forum 3 Documentation

Front-end - Helpers


The front-end makes use of a utility class (specified in the forum.frontend.utility_class config value) to facilitate a few common actions. This is automatically aliased to Forum for ease of use in views.


Forum::alert('success', 'categories.updated', $categories->count());

Flashes alert messages to the session to be displayed on the next request. Note that validation messages are independent of this and follow Laravel’s convention; in this context, alerts are forum-specific ‘success’ or ‘warning’ messages.



Parses the given content and returns the “rendered” version. This is used for post content by default, but could extend to category descriptions.


Forum::route('', $thread);

Wraps Laravel’s route() helper function to generate URLs for forum routes. Since forum front-end routes contain many parameters, generating URLs for them with route() can be cumbersome, especially in views. To make this easier, Forum::route() simply accepts a route name (with or without the preceding forum.) and a Category, Thread or Post model. The route parameters are automatically extracted from the model.


Forum::routes(Router $router);

Defines all of the standard routes. By default, if forum.routing.enabled is true, this is automatically called inside a route group with ‘prefix’, ‘as’ and ‘middleware’ set to forum.routing.prefix, and forum.frontend.middleware respectively.

Tip: You can disable routing and call this in your own route definitions if you prefer; just remember to set the ‘as’ property of any forum route group you define to, otherwise Forum::route() may be unable to identify forum routes correctly.



Generates a URL-friendly version of the given string. By default, this simply passes the string through Laravel’s str_slug() and is used by Forum::route(). You’ll probably want to override this if your forum is going to contain categories and threads with unicode titles.