Laravel Forum 3 Documentation

Front-end - Events


Events provided by the front-end cover some basic user interaction scenarios and implement standard Laravel Events.

If you need to perform an action when a category, thread or post is being created, updated or deleted in the database, take a look at Eloquent Events.

These events are all namespaced under Riari\Forum\Frontend\Events.

Name Fires when a user…
UserCreatingPost …views the “create post” (thread reply) page.
UserEditingPost …views the “edit post” page.
UserCreatingThread …views the “create thread” page.
UserViewingNew …views his or her “new and updated” threads.
UserMarkingNew …marks his or her “new and updated” threads as read.
UserViewingIndex …views the forum index.
UserViewingCategory …views a category.
UserViewingThread …views a thread.
UserViewingPost …views a post.