Laravel Forum 3 Documentation

General - Configuration



If you installed Xdebug before version 2.3, you may need to modify xdebug.max_nesting_level. The suggested and new default value from version 2.3 onwards is 256.


There are 5 configuration files in this version; api, integration, preferences, routing and validation. They should already be published to app/config/forum.{config key}.php after running php artisan vendor:publish as part of the installation.


  • token: A random string used to authenticate API requests. This is used by the API dispatcher and is by default set to a random 32-character string to maximise security on a fresh install.


  • policies: Contains model<>policy mappings as well as the policy to use for top-level forum abilities.
  • user_model: The namespace of your application’s user model.
  • user_name: The name of the attribute on the user model to use as a display name (e.g. next to posts).


  • thread: Contains thread settings.
    • cutoff_age: A valid strtotime() string that is used to determine when a thread should be considered “old” and therefore no longer has read/unread status. Defaults to 7 days.
  • pagination: Contains X per page values for categories, threads and posts.
  • cache_lifetimes: Contains cache lifetimes (in minutes) for various model attributes, as well as a default value to fall back to.
  • soft_delete: Specifies whether or not to enable soft-deletion of threads and posts.
  • display_trashed_posts: Determines whether or not soft-deleted posts should be included in threads.


  • enable: Enable/disable forum routing. Set to false to effectively disable your forum.
  • root: The prefix to use for all forum URLs. Defaults to /forum.


  • rules: Contains validation rules for all of the attributes/fields used in the forum. Note that the ‘required’ rule is automatically enforced where applicable.